Lifespan services

Lifespan services apply to telescopic grandstands which were made by us after 1977, and have one of the following names on the grandstand or operating instructions. Trampo, Finntramp, Karhu Urheilulaitteet, Voimisteluväline, Kerko, Kerko Sport, Kerko Katsomot, or TFP Markkinointi.

Sustainable development

Our services include the prevention, repair and upgrading of failures or malfunctions as well as expert services.
The grandstand can be modified or reconfigured to meet the operational requirements of today.
The grandstand was designed and made to have a durable basic structure. By replacing components that wear during use, the lifecycle is extended, and premature, wasteful new investments are prevented.
The lifespan of the products that we make is longer than several product generations of many of the components used in the manufacturing. As a manufacturer of grandstands and with over 40 years of experience, we are in the best position to plan and execute grandstand lifecycle management by taking into account the differences and compatibility of old and new structures.

With regular and expert operations we optimise the functionality and lifespan of a grandstand and, above all, uninterrupted event organising.

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