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We started authorised service of telescopic grandstands at RAITA Katsomo Oy in the winter of 2018. As the only and first manufacturer of telescopic grandstands in Finland, we provide service and repair using original parts.

With more than 40 of experience, our service staff can perform service and repairs expertly and professionally. We are the only professional authorised RAITA grandstands service shop in Finland.

Since 1977, RAITA Katsomot Oy has delivered over 670 telescopic grandstands. Of these, about 400 units were for the Finnish market; about 200 have gone to Sweden, Denmark, and Norway; and the rest to Russia, Germany, the Baltics, Austria, Ukraine and Libya, as well as a few CIS countries. They have been used mainly in sports halls, ice hockey arenas, auditoriums, music halls, and theatres.

In connection with an authorised service we also easily perform an inspection of operating condition and check for any need for repairs.

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