Moving a telescopic grandstand

New life of a grandstand at a new site, moving a telescopic grandstand

We assess possibilities and make the necessary plans and cost calculations for moving a grandstand to a new place of use.

A transfer to a new site may require changes or alterations to the grandstand, such as:

  • narrowing or widening of the grandstand
  • additional staircases or moving them to another location
  • more or less rows
  • changes to rails
  • back wall
  • etc.

Moving a grandstand that is in good structural condition to another place of use is an efficient and responsible way to save money and natural resources.

We give a 2 year warranty on the frame of a grandstand and on any changes or alterations.

A great time to upgrade your grandstand is when moving it.

When we assess and plan a move, we have at our disposal manufacturing documents and parameters of manufacturing plans, along with over 40 years of experience with telescopic grandstands. We know the principles of opening and closing telescopic grandstands, as well as factors related to spectator safety.


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