Significant savings can be achieved by upgrading vs buying new. We work quickly, which prevents long interruptions in the use of a grandstand

The basic structure of a grandstand we have built is strong and in good condition even after decades of use. Of course surface materials will show signs of use. At the same time, there has been a great change in spectator comfort requirements. As well as safety requirements for grandstands imposed by authorities.

There is also widespread awareness of the importance of saving natural resources. Something that is durable and usable should not be abandoned without due consideration.

Raita Katsomot has over 40 years of experience in manufacturing telescopic grandstands. Our archives contain the manufacturing documents of all of the grandstands we have built.  With our experience and manufacturing documents, we will be able to efficiently and reliably determine the potential for upgrading your telescopic grandstand.

Upgrading a Raita grandstand is a responsible alternative to buying a new grandstand. Other value questions related to upgrading:

  • seats: comfort, vision, usability; do they meet current needs?
  • usability: is there a need for auxiliary accessories to facilitate use (motorisation of use)?
  • safety: do rails comply with current regulations, for example?
  • renewal of visible surfaces: for example worn carpeting, does it make maintenance more difficult and does it pose a safety risk?
  • renewal of running gear/wheels in connection with upgrading of floor, does it make sense?
  • is there a need to boost quality and overall safety level: for example stage lights, numbering of seats and rows, spot painting?

You may have your own different kinds of needs for change, even moving the grandstand to another location and it can be upgraded in the some connection.

With over 40 years of experience and as a manufacturer of the grandstand, we know:

  • structural details of the grandstand and their design parameters
  • principles of opening and closing the telescope
  • regulations that specify the safety and durability of grandstands
  • what kinds of new structures and components can be used to replace the old ones


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