A high-quality Raita stage is an excellent choice if you want to change the position of the stage or do not want to devote space to a fixed stage that is only rarely in use. When the stage is stored away, the area is freed up for the use of other activities. Raita stages are telescopically retractable and can be stored in a small space.

There are three types of stage: the bellows stage, the modular stage and the front stage extension assembled on a seat carriage.



The moveable bellows stage can be easily opened out in a desired location and, once the event is over, can be moved back into storage.

Bellows stages are telescopically retractable. The manually-operated stage is opened out by pulling manually and retracted by turning a crank handle. The electrically-powered stage is driven by pressing buttons on the end of a mobile cable.

The moveable manually-operated stage can be stored in a normal equipment storeroom, for example. The electrically-powered stage is not moveable. It is advisable to create a recess for it in the wall, into which it can be driven after use.

The visible surfaces of bellows stages are varnished birch plywood.

Accessories: set of wheel transfer equipment, loose steps, side railings, curtain system and corner padding as collision protection when the stage is being retracted.




The multipurpose modular Globe Stage is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

Accessories: stairs, railings, curtains to protect the base and a carriage keeping it in.



We make two kinds of curtain systems: collapsible and rotatable.

The collapsible curtain system is suitable for use with the moveable bellows stage and the Globe Stage. After use, the frame structures and curtains can be detached and stored in the storage stands included in the delivery.

The rotatable curtain system operates with the bellows stage installed in a fixed location, with the Globe Stage and with a floor stage. The structures of the system are rotated after use against the wall with the curtains.


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