Bellow stages

Our portable, manually-operated stage can be stored in an equipment storage room, for example. The electrically-driven folding stage is not portable. A recess can be built into a wall where it can be driven after use.

The visible surfaces of the foldable stages are lacquered birch plywood.

Accessories: pair of wheel transport devices, detachable stairs, side rails, curtain system, and corner padding for collision protection of folded stage.

Standard sizes and recommended operating system of folding stages

The standard height of stages is 600 mm when open, and 1050 mm when folded. Note: The protrusion or overhang of an electric stage increases 400 mm when it is opened against a wall.

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Curtain systems

We manufacture two types of curtain systems, a dismountable one and a turnable one.

The dismountable curtain system is designed for use with the portable folding stage. After use, the frames and curtains are disconnected and stored in storage racks that are included in the delivery.

The turnable curtain system works with a folding stage that is installed in a fixed place of use. After use, the frames and curtain of the curtain system are turned against the wall.

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